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The Theme of the World Meteorological Organization for the Year 2019 : The Sun, the Earth and the WeatherThe Slogan of the Year 1398 :Production boom
  Tehran Province Meteorological Administration is a part of the IRAN Meteorological Organization  and follows The objectives of this organization.
This Administration is composed of various departments and offices that are spread in the province such as weather forecast , research, technical, meteorological observation, financial   ... And weather stations.
Therefore, the mission of the Administration in addition to ensuring the safe flights in the aviation , is in a much wider range, announcing the weather information, protecting people's lives and property against natural disasters, environmental protection, and improving the economic and social conditions of all  society sections. such as food security, water resources and transportation .
-Development and enhancement of air traffic safety
-Development the use of advanced technologies in meteorology and public services
-Development of the Meteorological Role in Crisis Management
-Increasing accuracy and precision in the production and delivery of meteorological data
-Compilation of the programs for different fields of meteorology

In addition to the existence of research groups such as meteorology, agriculture, climatology and air pollution, the number of research platforms is also designed to conduct  with academic centers research projects.
Todays, local predictions with high accuracy in different fields such as aviation, agriculture, water, urban planning, health and wellness, tourism, road transportation and ......... are applicable. Based on the needs of specific users at the provincial level and executive agencies, the daily regular forecasting of the province's weather conditions will be provided  as soon as possible   

Address: Tehran Province Meteorological Administration- No. 96 - Yas Blvd. -facing dastgheyb St. - Tehransar - Tehran -IRAN
Phone: +982144538180  
Fax: +982144523008
تاریخ بروز رسانی: 1398/11/21
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