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The Theme of the World Meteorological Organization for the Year 2019 : The Sun, the Earth and the WeatherThe Slogan of the Year 1398 :Production boom
Get Regular Agricultural Recommendations SMS
 NOTE:  If you have already  disabled the value-added promotional SMS, you must re-enable it using the SMS 800 or Dial *800# to use this service.
1- Dear users, you can receive the meteorological recommendations and weather announcements of Tehran province, regularly by SMS.
Sign up with the codes below to 20134.

     - Code  21w   for weather announcements--The membership is permanent and cancellation of membership by the user is  always possible

     - Code  21k   for agricultural recommendations-- The membership is permanent and cancellation of membership by the user is always possible

2-Also the latest weather reports and One-day forecast of the cities of Tehran province are available per request and with the codes below to 20134
        Code 21          for the city of Tehran
        Code 221582  for the city of Abali
        Code 221622  for the city of Firuzkuh
        Code 262482  for the city of Damavand
        Code 221422  for the city of Lavasan
        Code 262322  for the city of Shahriyar
        Code 262257  for the city of Varamin
3- The forecast of 48 hours and the forecast of 72 hours later is also available by adding numbers 48 and 72 at the end of the above codes. for example, two days later forecast of Tehran city by sending code 2148 and three days later forecast  of Tehran, city  by sending Code 2172 will be received
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